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Used Car Financing

We at A2U are here to help you find the perfect used car. We have a wide variety of cars for sale, and we can match your budget with what’s available on our lot – no matter how tight it is! We carry an enormous inventory of used cars in all segments and sizes, so select your desired vehicle from our lot today – we’ll take care of used car financing as well! Don’t worry about credit checks or down payments; at A2U it’s easy, all that matters are what you can afford monthly and whether you have insurance coverage on hand.


Are You Looking For a New or Used Car?

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Factors Deciding the Used Car Price

We pride ourselves on understanding how important cars are for your mobility. That’s why we offer pre-approved used car loans with the best rates around and an elaborate process of deciding used car prices, which is done keeping several factors in mind including

  1. Kilometers Covered- We understand that it costs more to maintain a vehicle as you drive it farther so the distance covered has been added to our list of considerations when determining the price.
  2. Year Of Manufacture – Cars have become increasingly expensive over time so older models will be cheaper than newer ones.
  3. Number Of Owners – A well-cared-for vehicle owned by one person may cost less because they’ve had better access to routine maintenance.
  4. Maintenance of the car – all our cars are in pristine condition.

We Got Your Back

If you’re looking for a vehicle but worry about not being able to afford it, A2U has you covered. We offer used car loans with poor credit and also have an extensive selection of used cars that come at 0% financing so there’s no need to worry about interest rates going up either!


We are a trusted and reliable name in Canada when it comes to buying or financing your new car. We offer some of the best rates for those with poor credit, so you can enjoy low monthly payments on top-of-the line vehicles like BMWs! Our prices are competitive too; we’re always looking out for our customers’ needs first.

Get Approved for Your Car Loan

With our Auto Experts on your side, we work to get you the best rates. Take less then 2 minutes to complete our online application. We only ask for information we need.



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